Goodyear Lubricants

Goodyear Lubricants has been supplying exceptional quality lubricants since 1898.
We supply a range of premium oils and greases for automotive passenger vehicles, heavy duty diesel fleet, and specialized and industrial applications used in mining, construction, manufacturing and agricultural.

Our lubricants are specifically engineered to increase performance, maximise equipment efficiency and productivity, extend oil drain intervals, save fuel, and increase vehicle life.

  • Reputable Brand – recognized as an innovative and reputable oil brand which operates in over 50 countries, manufacturing quality products for decades.
  • Advanced Oil Technology – advanced technology methods are used to produce superior oils that are geared for technologically advanced markets. 
  • Service Excellence – we are committed to offering high quality products at competitive pricing on time.
  • Global Lubrication Expertise – we leverage our professional global technical expertise to offer technical support to our customers across the entire lubrication value chain. Through our training, we equip customers with end-to-end lubrication knowledge.

Cutting-edge Lubricants

Automotive Oils

We supply:

  • Advanced gasoline and diesel engine oils
  • Superior coolants
  • High performing brake fluids
  • Automatic and Manual Transmission oils

Industrial Oils

Our products include:

  • Industrial Engine Oils
  • Hydraulic Oils
  • Heavy Duty Engine Oils
  • Cutting oils
  • Greases

Tractor Oils

We provide:

  • Specialized tractor oils for different agricultural applications
  • Advanced products that meet the requirements of innovative agricultural machinery