Titan Global Wheel

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Not reinventing the wheel – simply perfecting it.

The wheel has become a ubiquitous part of daily life in the modern world, that few people stop to think about its importance. However, those who truly rely on them – farmers in remote areas, miners working in rough environments and the military operating in danger zones –
all know different. 
It is these players, and others working in tough, off-the-road conditions, who depend on products supplied by Titan Global Wheel.

Titan Global Wheel’s ISO-certified facilities demonstrate some of the most sophisticated design, testing and production processes in the world. 

Titan Global Wheel is proud to be the official supplier of Goodyear Lubricants in Sub-Saharan Africa. We supply a range of premium oils and greases for automotive passenger vehicles, heavy duty diesel fleet, and industrial applications such as agricultural, construction and mining.



Step 1: Choose your tyre 

Making the correct selection is particularly important to maintain optimal performance, safety and fuel efficiency.


Step 2: Fit your rims 

The rim must fit the vehicle and all of the other component that make up the performance of the automobile.


Step 3: Final touches 

Wheel components are necessary to enable proper functioning and just like rims, can be different to the equipment type. 


Step 4: Lubricate 

Lubricants are engineered to increase performance, maximise equipment efficiency and productivity, save fuel, and increase vehicle life.




Titan Global Wheel has a wide selection of agricultural wheels from 18″ all the way to 54″ to service the tractor, trailer, harvesting, implements and irrigation sectors. 



Titan Global Wheel has an OEM compatible and approved solution for all vehicles currently in operation.


Titan Global Wheel has a strong presence at major mining sites throughout Southern Africa. 


Tyron, the originator of the well filler band, has designed and developed a unique rubber run flat system for military and off-the-road vehicles.