The construction market is where it all began for our LSW® (Low Sidewall) Technology concept. LSW Technology has a smaller sidewall and larger rim diameter than a conventional tyre but keeps the same outside diameter. The results demonstrate a smoother ride, less material spilling, and improved handling. Afterward, we produced branded LSW tyres for Caterpillar skid steers.
This early success led to a strong momentum of LSW product development and testing over the next several years.

Titan Global Wheel has a complete range of products from multi-piece 15” rims through to a tubeless 22.5” single piece rims in forged aluminium and or steel. The variables thereof are numerous depending on the vehicle’s application, offset, PCD, Bore, Stud quantity and configuration.

In accordance with our own stringent quality standards, we visit our partners on a regular basis to ensure the quality approval process is fully adhered to. This would include that all rims supplied have been tested and approved.
As such, Titan Global Wheel warrants its products accordingly.