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Titan Global Wheels’ partnership with
US-based Titan International and Goodyear Lubricants positions the company as one of the largest sub-Saharan suppliers of 
off-the-road tyres, wheels, rims and lubricants.

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Goodyear DYNA RIB
*General services on low power and free axle tractors. Keep moving with us...
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*General services on low power and free axle tractors Keep moving with us...
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Goodyear Optitrac
New lug and carcass shape for better durability and ride. Lugs have exrta hight...
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Tractor Radial Tyres
Optitrac R-1W for all-round in the field and on the road performance. Key benefits...
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Titan ACT Wheel System
The Accelerated Change Technology (ACT) Wheel system allows the inner tyre to be removed without having...
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MFWD Tyres
Titan produces a variety of styles and sizes to suit your operations, from dry conditions to boggy wet...
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Tyron Runflat System
This modular design does not require a hydraulic press to squeeze the runflat into the tyre, making
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LSW Technology takes on the toughest jobs
Low Sidewall Technology™ (LSW®) helps equipment operators unlock...
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