We have been a major player in supporting passive applications to the defence forces around the world for over 40 years.
The undeniable and irrefutable quality and consistency of our products remains a hallmark of who we are.

Our niche is our ability to design and test specific steel and aluminium rim requirements and manufacture small to large batch quantities that provides our customers with flexibility and shorter lead times.

We have also strengthened our partnership with Tyron Run Flat Systems to become their distributor of Run Flat Inserts in Africa.
This alliance together with various military tyre manufacturers provides us the ability to supply a complete Tyre, Rim and Run Flat Insert assembly.

Tyron, the originators of the well filler band, have designed and developed a unique rubber run flat system for military and off-road vehicles. This patented system is a modular design and does not require a hydraulic press to squeeze the run flat into the tyre, making this the only field mountable and demountable rubber run flat system in the world and solves the logistical problems of current systems when changing tyres.


20 - 11.00"SDC

This is a Semi Drop Centre (SDC) rim, the flange height is 25.4mm and bead seat diameter is 512.8mm and Nominal diameter 500mm

Tyre SizeRim SizeTyron Part NumberLoad Rating of RFILoad Rating of TyreLoad Rating of Rim
335/80R2020 - 11.00"SDCATR20-750 RFI3000kg2575kg3000kg
365/80R2020 - 11.00"SDCATR20-750 RFI3000kg3550kg3000kg
12.5R2020 - 11.00"SDCATR20-750 RFI3000kg2575kg3000kg
14.5R2020 - 11.00"SDCATR20-750 RFI3000kg3550kg3000kg

20 - 10.00"Flat Base

This is a flat base rim, the flange height is 50.8mm and bead seat diameter is 514.4mm and Nominal diameter 508mm

Tyre SizeRim SizeTyron Part NumberLoad Rating of TyreLoad Rating of TyreLoad Rating of Rim
365/85R2020 - 10.00"Flat BaseATR20-825 RFI5000kg5000kg5000kg
395/85R2020 - 10.00"Flat BaseATR20-875 RFI5000kg5600kg5000/5500kg
14.00R2020 - 10.00"Flat BaseATR20-950 RFI5000kg5000kg5000/5500kg
16.00R2020 - 10.00"Flat BaseATR20-950 RFI5000kg6500kg5000/5500kg


20 - 11.00"SDC

Tyre SizeRim SizeTyron Part Number
335/80R2020 - 11.00"SDCBL2011
365/80R2020 - 11.00"SDCBL2011
12.5R2020 - 11.00"SDCBL2011
14.5R2020 - 11.00"SDCBL2011

20 - 10.00"Flat Base

Tyre SizeRim SizeTyron Part Number
365/85R2020 - 10.00"Flat BaseBL2010
395/85R2020 - 10.00"Flat BaseBL2010
14.00R2020 - 10.00"Flat BaseBL2010
16.00R2020 - 10.00"Flat BaseBL2010

22.5 - 16.00"

Tyre SizeRim SizeTyron Part Number
500/65R22.522.5 - 16.00"BL22.5X16