We proudly reintroduce this massively popular brand into the local and sub-Saharan African markets.

We are the official suppliers of Goodyear Lubricants into local and sub-Saharan African markets.

Steel bolt together wheels for military


Here you can see our team at Titan Global Wheel assembling 20 x 10.00” steel bolt together wheels with the Michelin 14.00R20 XZL tyre for one of our OEM military vehicle manufacturers.
These assemblies are fitted with a special adaptor which allows the steel wheels to be fitted with a CTIS valve. The CTIS valve is unique as the driver of the vehicle can individually inflate or deflate the tyre depending on the terrain and surrounding areas. Tyres are deflated for more traction especially when driving through loose sand. The tyres can be inflated again on more stable roads.
The steel bolt together rims are specifically designed for military use. The rims allow easy fitment of the tyre and run flat insert or bead lock system in the field, without any specialised equipment required. It is a safe, strong rim without the locking and flange components that can dislodge during fitment or impact during operation. Titan Global Wheel supplies these rims in steel or aluminium.